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Why Government Can't Save You

John MacArthur
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Thomas Nelson

From the book:

"In Why Government Can't Save You (An Alternative to Political Activism), author John MacArthur illustrates through Scripture that, regardless of the numerous immoral, unjust, and ungodly failures of secular government, believers are to pray and seek to influence the world for Christ by godly, selfless, and peaceful living under that authority, not by protests against the government or by acts of civil disobedience. Dr. MacArthur will explore these areas:

  • Christians' Responsibility to authority

  • How and why to support our leaders

  • How to live righteously in a pagan culture

  • The principle of paying taxes

  • Jesus' lessons on tax exemptions

  • The biblical purpose of government

  • The principle and reasons for civil obedience

In this book find out your Christian responsibility to government and political causes.