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Live Like a Jesus Freak

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Bethany House

So you read Jesus Freaks . . . The life-changing stories of radical heroes of our faith ignited a flame in your soul.  But now what?  What do you do with your newfound passion for Jesus Christ?  How do you sustain it?  In ten powerful chapters, Live Like a Jesus Freak contains a captivating variety of:

  • Principles that will challenge you to a deeper faith and strengthen your convictions

  • Questions that wil spark thought-provoking discussions about faith and lifestyle

  • More stories and testimonies of true Jesus Freaks who have given their lives for the name of Christ

  • Challenge, comfort, and courage from the Word of God

  • Quotes that will incite you to get up and do something radical for Jesus

  • Practical ideas for how to put your zeal to work

  • A recommended reading list of classic Jesus Freak-inspiring books

  • A simple Bible Reading Plan that will help you stay in God's Word on a daily basis