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War of the World Views

Gary Vaterlaus,ed.
War of the World Views - Powerful Answers for an "Evolutionized" Culture
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New Leaf Press

"From science class to world history, from 'The Learning Channel' to 'SpongeBob,' subtle and not-so-subtle evolutionary messages bombard us. The idea of the big bang and millions of years has duped many Christians, and the effects include a weakened gospel and subjective morality. How are we to respond when we hear of the latest argument' for evolution? How can we prepare our children to face the evolutionary indoctrination of our public schools and universities? What are we to make of Christian organizations that teach the big bang and millions of years? In this powerful new book from Answers in Genesis, you will find ammunition for the war: Answers to some of the most common arguments for evolution, analyses of Christian compromise positions and a call for a return to biblical authority."