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Coming to Grips with Genesis

Terry Mortenson, Thane H. Ury, ed.
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Fourteen theological scholars address key topics related to the age of the earth, which is the crucial issue of debate in the church today regarding origins.  Bringing to bear rigorous biblical, theological, and historical arguments in favor of a six-day creation, the global Flood, and a young earth, they also provide much-needed critiques of a number of contemporary old-earth interpretations of the book of Genesis.  This fresh defense of the literal history of Genesis 1 - 11 nicely complements other studies which focus more on the scientific evidence for yourg-earth creationism . . . [I]ncludes:  Detailed analysis of the verbs of Genesis 1; a defense of the Genesis 5 & 11 genealogies as strict chronologies; reasons for rejecting millions of years of death and natural evil before Adam's sin; and careful reflection on Jesus' teachings regarding a young earth.